Vladimir Shefer

Info about me

Java (Kotlin) Developer


Java: Spring Framework, Java 8, Kotlin.

Databases: SQL (Postgres, MySQL), Hibernate, JDBC, Elasticsearch, Redis, HBase.

WEB: REST, HTML, CSS, Vue.js, JQuery, Bootstrap.

Tools: Gradle/Maven, Git, IDEA, Liquibase, Kibana, Charles, Docker, Docker-compose.

DevOps: Linux, Bash, Ansible, Nginx, TeamCity.

Big Data: Scala, Hadoop, Yarn, HDFS, Kafka, Spark, HBase.

Cloud: AWS (EC2, RDS, ELK)


12/2020 - NOW. Java Developer @ Grid Dynamics, SPb


  • "Google" -- Team Lead

    • Collect & Clarify project requirements

    • Implement microservices

    • Lead the team (4 developers, 2 QA).

    • Report to customer

    • Balance load between team.

  • "Dubai Store" - Online retailer in UAE. -- Search Engineer.

    • Create plugin for SOLR search engine

    • Increase search relevancy for head\tail requests.

    • Clarify product requirements.

08/2019 - 12/2020. Senior Java Developer @ Touch Instinct, SPb


  • "Cifra" - online bookkeeping app for small business.

    • Core backend developer & architect.

  • "Reporting" - Employees status and performance review application for project managers.

    • Backend developer. (Spring WebFlux; Amazon S3).

  • "Spring Logging" - Declarative logging framework for Spring.

    • Core backend developer and architect.

  • Internal dashboard with vacations and sick staff.

    • Backend developer. (Spring Web; Amazon S3; Telegram bots;)

Job description:

  • Designing and implementing REST-API, DAO, Services layers.

  • External services integration architect.

  • Java / Kotlin / Spring coach for teammates.

  • Code review.

  • Development estimation.

  • Customers support.

Tools: Kotlin, Spring Framework 5 (Boot, Web, WebFlux, Data), Project Reactor, Postgres, REST-API, SOAP, Teamcity, Ansible, Docker, Docker-compose.

07/2018 - 08/2019 Java Developer @ Segmento, SPb

Project description: Programmatic advertising platform.

Job description: Realtime bidding (RTB) platform development and support.

Tools: Java 8, Spring 4.3 (Boot, Web, Data), JAX-RS, MySQL, Elasticsearch, REST-API, Spark, NGINX, Spark.

10/2017 - 07/2018 Junior Big Data Developer @ Barsum, SPb

Project description: Cloud services analytics and cloud resources monitoring.

Job description: Data processing pipeline (ETL) implementation and performance tuning. DAO layer implementation.

Tools: Scala, Spark, Kafka, HBase, Redis, Jenkins.

01/2018 - 03/2018 Jav Intern @ EPAM, SPb

Project description: Test system for students skills growth system.

Job description: Algorithms and data structures refecence implementation in Java. Code review.

Tools: Java 8, JSP, Postgres.

07/2017 - 08/2017 Java Intern @ Emergn (Return On Intelligence), SPb

Job description: Summer Java Internship.

Project description: Bus schedule web application.

Tools: Java 8, JS.


2020 Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (Eltech) – specialist

Computer Security, Computer technologies and informatics.

Graduation qualification work: Software package for Internet-resources authentification using SSL-certificates.

2018 EPAM Java School – Java junior